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A frozen Loch Insh with the Feshie Hills behind


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Loch Insh in Autumn with canoe

Posted on 26th October, 2020

October in the Cairngorms

…deep-down, life-giving death. Our strath falls quiet. The flocks of holiday makers are gone, the bikers and boaters and booted walkers have dwindled. The traffic …

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Merryn Glover on Braeriach, Cairngorms

Posted on 14th October, 2020

Two-Book Deal For Merryn Glover’s Cairngorms

…publisher, *Polygon: FACT AND FICTION: TWO-BOOK DEAL FOR MERRYN GLOVER’S CAIRNGORMS Polygon, an imprint of Birlinn Limited, has signed Merryn Glover to a two-book deal …

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Two ospreys at Loch Insh Photo Duncan MacDonald

Posted on 28th September, 2020

Loch Insh Osprey

…eggs, and I watched and waited through the lengthening days and the greening of the strath. At last, in early June, tiny heads appeared above …

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Sunrise from the Cairngorms

Posted on 24th August, 2020

Loch Etchachan & Ben MacDui: A Cairngorms Photo Story

Living by the Spey, most of my walks into the Cairngorms are from the north-western side, such as the one to Angel’s Peak last year. …

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Copy of A House Called Askival with tray of Indian Sweets

Posted on 27th July, 2020

Coincidence in A House Called Askival

…2015, we climbed Askival on the island of Rum, left a copy on top registered with BookCrossing and enjoyed what happened next:   Then …

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Teenagers doing outdoor writing activities

Posted on 29th June, 2020

A Sense of Place

…Author. ‘Do you see them? There’s a ruby – and over there, a sapphire!’ The senior gentleman points his walking stick into the long, frosted …

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Stay at Home Ebook Cover

Posted on 9th June, 2020

Stay at Home!

…gives entertaining results and wastes a lot of time. (All essential writer’s ‘research’, of course.) So, there are the obvious things, like green grass and …

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Posted on 29th May, 2020

Of Stone and Sky Reviews & Features

To see what others have said about Of Stone and Sky, follow the links below. If you’ve read it, please do add your own review on Amazon, Goodreads or …

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Posted on 29th May, 2020

Of Stone and Sky Background Reading

Below are written sources that I drew from in my research for the novel Of Stone and Sky. My greatest sources, however, were the people …

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