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Posted on 27th May, 2021 in For Readers, Of Stone and Sky

Characters in Of Stone and Sky

These are the main characters from my Cairngorms-set novel, Of Stone and Sky, roughly in order of appearance or importance.

Mo Smith – primary narrator, minister turned publican, like a sister to Colvin & Sorley

Colvin Munro – a Highland shepherd, born & raised on the farm of Rowancraig Estate, disappears

Sorley Munro – his younger brother, left at 17 to make his fortune in the City, secondary narrator

Agnes Munro – their mother, a Highland Traveller by heritage, married into the farm

Gideon Munro ‘Gid’ – their father, a shepherd on Rowancraig all his life apart from service in WW2

Donald Munro – Gid’s father

Phamie Munro – Gid’s mother

Beulah Duggins – Gid’s sister, housekeeper at Rowancraig Estate

Archie Duggins – from Yorkshire, gamekeeper on Rowancraig Estate, Beulah’s husband

Liana Munro – Colvin’s wife

Tess Munro – Colvin & Liana’s daughter

Alex Munro – Colvin & Liana’s son

Dougie MacPherson ‘Mr Mac’ – Gid’s best friend, forester and ecologist

Margaret MacPherson ‘Mrs Mac’ – Dougie’s wife and friend to Agnes

Fachie MacPherson – Dougie’s son and Colvin’s best friend

Lord Edgar Mackintosh – owner of Rowancraig Estate, the laird

Kirat Aggarwal – wealthy Malaysian American businessman

Vivian Aggarwal ‘Viv’ – English, Kirat’s wife

Rahesh Aggarwal – Kirat & Viv’s son, a lawyer

Minor characters:

Nellie Pegg – one time maid at Rowancraig House

Annabelle – Sorley’s ex-girlfriend

Carrick Devlin – Sorley’s boss in Sydney

Major Walter Hoare-Cressington ‘ Watty’ – owner of Logie Estate, south of Rowancraig

Lady Miranda Hoare-Cressington – Watty’s wife

Plus assorted even-more-minor characters